Honor Way Mastiffs and Honor-A-Bull French Bulldogs - Raising Mastiffs and French Bulldogs with Honor
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My name is Pan and my connection with Mastiffs started years ago when I took my children to a dog show in Maryland.  It was there that my young son Josh saw his first Mastiff and said to me "Mom I want one of those dogs!"  He was only about 9 or 10 there, but he was a big boy, grew to be 6 ' 7". 
Many years later, I saw a notice for a Mastiff that needed to be rescued.  Her name was "War" My two children went with me to pick up this mastiff.  We traveled across the state and put this huge dog in our car.  She had bleach burns all over her body, and boy did she stink.  We traveled the whole way home with our windows down! 
Although I was assured this dog had her heart worm medicine and testing up to date, it turned out that she had full blown heart worms. 
We took her in and had her treated.  She lived about a year before dying from liver failure.  But my son Josh had really made a connection, so I started research to locate a  Mastiff puppy.  In 1997 I purchased my first Mastiff.  Her name was Madison, she became my "rock".  She helped me through the most difficult time in my life, when I lost my son "Josh" who had really begun the whole journey.  She was 11 years old when she died and I vowed I would never again own a dog. 
But the void was too great, so I started trying to find a puppy that had the same bloodlines as Madison and found our beautiful Annabelle.  I decided to show Annabelle as a hobby and fell in love with it.  Annie and I formed a bond.  She became a champion June 27, 2010. 
It was then that my life partner, David, suggested a new puppy was in order to continue our weekend getaways of dog shows!  He didn't get any argument from me!  We added Sir Chubbington to our line up.  He is the polar opposite of Annabelle, and I just love having both ends of the spectrum.  Annabelle is serious, Chubbs, is a clown! Annie showed because I loved it, Chubbs shows because he loves it!  Annie the finicky eater, Chubbs eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
I grow to love and honor this breed more everyday.  We treat our dogs with the honor they deserve.  And in Honor of my son Joshua my home will always include a Mastiff.  Thus the name "Honor Way Mastiffs"


What a year!!!  We had puppies on July  We named them after candy bars, because they were SO sweet!  All of the puppies found excellent homes, and two are going to try their hand  in the show ring.
2013 Is looking as though it will be another wonderful year!  The puppies from the second litter are in their forever homes and are just now starting to enter the show ring.  We are expecting!!!  Check out our News Flash page as well as our Litter Announcements for more information!
2012 continues to be another great year!!! We are expecting our second litter on July 9th! As far as our first litter goes, here are the updates!

GCH Honor Way's Lady Luck O' the Irish (Pink Puppy) earned her Championship on January 8, 2012, and her Grand Championship on February 28, 2010.  Both before her first birthday!  Congratulations Grand Champion Lady Luck O' the Irish!  
CH Honor Way's Sir Chamberlain of Hess' Country (Green Puppy) earned his championship on April 22, 2012!  Many congratulations to Matt Hess of Hess' Country and Champion Honor Way's Sir Chamberlain!!!  
CH Honor Way's Nzuri Sana Bingwa (Aqua Puppy AKA Maisy) Achieved her championship on September 21, 2012.
GCH Honor Way's Mystical Maggie earned her championship in 2012 as well!  Then went on to earn her GCH!  Many Congratulations go out to Maggie and her parents Suzanne and Elmer Lingo!  And to the excellent handling skills of Christina Roberts.
Honor Way's Irish Encore (Blue Puppy) currently has 12 points toward his championship!  Great Job Don and Marti Linfert of Linfert Mastiffs!
Honor Way's Willow Blossom (Orange Puppy) has 11 points toward her championship!  Thanks go out Jonna Wilks and Marion McShane!
Honor Way's Mystical Maggie (Purple Puppy) has just begun her quest and won her first point in Orlando on June 23, 2012!  Thank you Elmer, Suzanne and Marissa!

2011 was a GREAT year here at Honor Way Mastiffs!!! We had our first litter of 10 puppies (3 males and 7 females) on March 5, 2011.  We found great homes for all of our puppies! Sowega's  Sir Chubbington of Honor Way earned his AKC Championship on November 18th, 2011.  Honor Way's Lady Luck O' the Irish earned 14 points towards her Championship! Honor Way's Irish Encore earned 9  points toward his championship this year as well.  In addition, others are just entering the show ring in January of 2012.  It is as if my son is looking down from above and blessing our every move.  Thank you Josh!

Please enjoy the website.  This is just the beginning, there are many more "tails" to tell, so check back often!